Gunshot Detection Systems

IPS is proud to announce our partnership with EAGL Technology to bring Gunshot Detection Systems (GDS) solutions to our customers. Active shooter events are occurring with increased frequency. Research indicates that events where law enforcement response times are minimized result in far fewer causalities. That’s where IPS and EAGL come in!

Features and Benefits

  • Indoor, outdoor, and wearable gunshot sensors with sizeable detection ranges that monitor for ballistic energy
  • Panic button and pull stations for manual responses
  • Connect via cellular or network
  • Traditional on-premise or cloud setup
  • Integrates with Lenel and other access control and security platforms, aiding in lockdowns
  • Adaptive Response allows for customized chain reactions and countermeasures

Examples of Common Places of Application

  • Education-Preschools, K-12, Colleges, Universities
  • Healthcare-Hospitals, Clinics, Hospice, Assisted Living
  • Houses of Worship-Temples, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques
  • Government-Local, States, Federal, Military
  • Critical Infrastructure-Financial Services, Transportation, Energy, Manufacturing, Mining, Telecom
  • Entertainment Venues-Stadiums, Theaters, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Casinos
  • Commerce-Businesses, Malls, Manufacturing
Police Line at Active Shooter Scene
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