Video Surveillance Systems

The Latest Technology

Your system will be designed to your specific security needs, and can incorporate high-resolution day/night color cameras, digital video storage, remote video monitoring, and large matrix switch systems. Mobile and cloud solutions give you on-demand access to your video, no matter your location.

Cost Efficient

We can use your existing network infrastructure to lower the total installed cost of the system. As technology advances, camera costs go down, making reliable and clear images a reality for everyone.

Total Management Capabilities

Operators can control functions for each camera, enter recording commands, and simultaneously view high-quality live images from a single PC. You can specify cameras to be viewed and accessed by individual operators. You can also start video recording from any camera by operator, by event, or by predefined schedules.

Accountability and Accessibility

The log of operator and system actions provides a full audit trail of your surveillance operation. Video images are stored in a database so they can be easily retrieved and viewed.

System Health Monitoring (Service Assurance)

In today’s world, you need to be proactive, preemptive, and predictive with your video system maintenance. IPS has partnered with Viakoo, an automated solution that verifies system performance while providing continuous compliance. Viakoo transforms service and maintenance from reactive to proactive allowing you to get ahead of issues. Their update manager also helps to keep your cameras on the latest and most secure firmware. Missing video has become a thing of the past!

Our Video Surveillance Systems allow you to:

  • Create a safer work environment for employees and customers
  • Deter theft, violence and vandalism
  • Identity offenders
  • Provide evidence for prosecutions by police
  • Provide 24/7 enhanced surveillance
  • More efficiently use your security staff by providing them with better surveillance tools
  • Identify staff training needs for management
  • Record and monitor floor activities to assist your management team with tasks such as merchandising, operations, inventory management, and the handling of hazardous/high-risk materials
  • Provide recorded documentation of incidents which can be integrated into training programs
Our main VMS (Video Management System) platforms include March Networks, Salient Systems, Genetec, Milestone, and OnSSI. Our primary camera partners are Hanwha, Bosch, Axis, and Pelco.